The Deliverables produced in SeaMark will be uploaded to this page as and when they become available:

D1.2 Generation of genotype and phenotype data for S. latissima strains (M18)

D1.3 Genome wide association study in Ulva sp. (M28)

D1.4 Delivery of best performing S. latissima strains for testing under farm conditions (M32)

D1.5 Model for genomic selection and its evaluation (M36)

D1.6 Whole-genome resequencing of high performance S. latissima strains (M40)

D1.7 Generation of mutagenized libraries of Ulva sp. and S. latissima (M42)

D2.1 Development plan for seeding and harvesting equipment and specification of biomass supply (M6)

D2.2 Specifications for offshore requirements for seaweed cultivation (M44)

D2.3 Scaling and optimisation of pre-treatment methods to bring down cost (M30)

D2.4 Improved and demonstrated harvester and seeding machine for upscaled production in open ocean (M36)

D2.5 Optimised Ulva sp. cultivation and pre-processing (M44)

D3.1 Development plan for product specification (M9)

D3.2 Biorefinery plant implementation plan (M13)

D3.3 Biorefinery processing of 450 T ww S. latissima (M32)

D3.4 Product analysis incl. food safety: microbiology, heavy metal, iodine, and allergen (M32)

D3.5 Fucoidan product dossier (M44)

D3.6 Beta-glucan product dossier (M44)

D4.1 Research and development plan for fermentation processes and products (M6)

D4.2 Upscaling of fermentation processes and products (M20)

D4.3 Protocol for seaweed fermentation yielding a food product optimized for maximum prebiotic effect (M24)

D4.4 Gut microbiome characterisation by 16S rRNA gene amplicon sampling completed (M30)

D4.5 Gut metagenome of all samples from 3 timepoints determined (M34)

D4.6 Description of immune and inflammatory biomarkers modulated by seaweed intake in sows (M36)

D4.7 Report on completed data integration (M46)

D5.1 Development plan for co-extraction (M6)

D5.2 Alginate and fucoidan general fraction green production process from S. latissima (M18)

D5.3 Chemical analyses (purity, composition, size) of green alginate and benchmarking coextracted fucoidan (M30)

D5.4 Production process mineral/protein/peptide concentrates from ulvan fractions (M24)

D5.5 Chemical analyses (purity, protein content, composition, chain length) and benchmarking of ulvan in co-extracts (M24)

D5.6 Alginate and fucoidan process for product ready to commercialise (M36)

D5.7 Production process for mineral and protein/peptide products ready to commercialise (M36)

D5.8 Enzymes for targeted production of kg scale of specialty alginates and fucoidans (M36)

D5.9 Validation and benchmarking of upscaling to produce higher-value alginate and fucoidan fractions (M46)

D6.1 Research and development plan & specification for bioactive oligosaccharides (M6)

D6.2 Scalable bioprocess for production of bioactive alginate oligosaccharides (M18)

D6.3 Scalable bioprocess for production of laminarin oligosaccharides (M30)

D6.4 Bioactive properties of seaweed-based oligo- and polysaccharides (M36)

D6.5 Structural analysis of polysaccharide substrates and oligosaccharide products (M36)

D6.6 Scalable bioprocess for production of bioactive fucoidan oligosaccharides (M40)

D6.7 Scalable bioprocess for production of bioactive ulvan oligosaccharides (M42)

D7.1 Specification of flagship products and plan market strategy (M6)

D7.2 A platform for market exploitation based on identified products and user needs (M6)

D7.3 Initial assessment of market application potential (M18)

D7.4 Recommendations from the feasibility studies as basis for testing scenarios (M28)

D7.5 Report on pilot scale sales and deliveries (M36)

D7.6 Report on commercial scale sales and deliveries (M46)

D8.1 Characterization of SeaMark products (M6)

D8.2 Preliminary value chain analysis of selected SeaMark processes (M18)

D8.3 Preliminary techno-economic assessment (M24)

D8.4 Socio-economic impacts of upscaling European macroalgal cultivation and biotransformation (M36)

D8.5 Value chain analysis of selected SeaMark products (M36)

D8.6 Techno-economic assessment of selected SeaMark products and processes (D8.6)

D8.7 Business exploitation plans for SeaMark products (M46)

D9.1 Specification of methodology, data collection and research plan for LCA & Ecosystem Services (M6)

D9.2 Policy and investor recommendation on ecosystem services and an understanding of their limits and thresholds (M12)

D9.3 An assessment of ecosystem services provided by seaweed cultivation (M28)

D9.4 Valuation of the ecosystem services provided (M36)

D9.5 Input on how monetized ES can be integrated into business exploitation plans (M42)

D9.6 Policy and investor recommendation on the inclusion of business cases and monetization of ecosystem services in policies (M42)

D9.7 Report on the LCA of three flagship products (M46)

D10.1 Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Plan (CDEP) (M3)

D10.2 Platform for market exploitation

D10.3 Assessment of EU Regulatory Landscape in a global context (M15)

D10.4 Updated stakeholder database made available on the internal platform (M12)

D10.5 1st Updated CDEP (M18)

D10.6 2nd Updated CDEP (M36)

D10.7 Evaluation & learnings from the training platform & training events (M46)

D10.8 Policy and Investor Recommendation (M46)

D10.9 Implementation of the final CDEP (M48)

D10.10 Strategic Development Plan for the Scale-Up of the European seaweed industry (M48)

D11.2 Data Management Plan (M6)

D11.3 Updated Data Management Plan (M36)

D11.4 Report on clustering activities (M44)

D11.5 Final Data Management Plan (M48)