The overall objectives of the SeaMark Horizon Europe project are as follows:

1 – To leverage the potential of macroalgae as an industrial feedstock by upscaling and demonstrating the techno-economic viability of macroalgae cultivation and biotransformation concepts with positive environmental, social and economic impacts. Implementation of the European Green Deal’s sustainable blue economy and the EU bioeconomy strategy.

2 – Provide market knowledge to align the development of new macroalgae products to the uses and needs of various sectors.
3 – Strengthen the competitiveness of the European blue bioeconomy and marine biotechnology industry by reducing technical bottlenecks and by developing promising business models making the whole algae sector more attractive to investment.

4 – Provide scientific evidence on environmental benefits – including on ecosystem services, if relevant – and on risks of algae-based cultivation. Deliver – if applicable – a comparison between the environmental footprint of algae-based products and their land based counterparts.