Below is a selection of videos presenting some of the SeaMark partners, as well as other videos summarising seaweed’s potential in Europe.

More videos will be added to this page throughout the course of the project.

What is SeaMark?

SeaMark Partner Videos

An overview of seaweed farming in the Faroe Islands with Ocean Rainforest

A promotional video from our French seaweed processing partner Algaia

ALGAPlus’ promotional video on land-based multi-trophic cultivation of Ulva sp. in Portugal

A summary of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region “GRASS” project (Growing Macroalgae Sustainably in the Baltic Sea)

An introduction to seaweed and SeaMark’s lead partner: Ocean Rainforest in the Faroe Islands

A promotional video from OCEANIUM, one of the SeaMark partners

Metal Production is the parent company of SIRPUTIS, one of the SeaMark partners developing seaweed processing machinery.

See the results from SeaMark’s predecessor GENIALG with Station Biologique de Roscoff

Other Videos

See how roasted seaweed snacks are made in  Asia!

Can seaweed save the planet? A review by Our Changing Climate (OCC)

Can seaweed replaced fossil-based plastic?

Learn about seaweed’s potential as a climate solution in reducing methane emissions from livestock

Bren Smith TED talk on multi-trophic vertical ocean farming in 2014

Financial times promotional video on seaweed cultivation with Seaweed Solutions in Norway

Learn about offshore multi-use in this video showcasing the Belgian offshore aquaculture pilot of the Horizon 2020 UNITED project

Learn about seaweed cultivation in Scotland with the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS)

An instructional video on how to cultivate kelp by Cascadia Seaweed

Take a trip around the world for an overview of the global seaweed industry, a video by entrepreneur Jacob von Manteuffel

Learn about marine permaculture in this webinar with Dr Brian von Herzen

A brilliant overview of seaweed as a food by researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology and Nordic Sea Farm in Sweden

A series of short practical tutorials by Connecticut Sea Grants in the US on how to cultivate various species of seaweed

Nordic Innovation video on seaweed cultivation in the Faroes

Recording of a Seaweed for Europe conference in March 2022.

Euronews feature on seaweed cultivation in the Netherlands

Recording of the SUBMARINER joint working group on Green Claims 24th of June 2024.